Darren's Lucky Number 17


Darren's Lucky Number 17

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Okay, so my mom has come to the conclusion that I need to get rid of all my extra Glee stuff once and for all. Since it’s a lot I was debating between making this a start of 2013 giveaway or a giveaway if I reach my follower goal. (372 more). So I decided to kind of do both. The winner will be chosen on the New Year, but There will only be a winner if I reach my goal. If I don’t I’ll split this into smaller giveaway’s throughout the year or resell it.

This is also an expansion of this giveaway, so anyone who has participated in that will also be entered in this.


  1. Giveaways are to thank my followers, so you do need to be following me
  2. I also want to try and keep this as fair as possible, so no contest only blogs
  3. Likes DO count
  4. You can reblog as many times as you want, but with the new notes on Tumblr it may not help you.
  5. I will ship anywhere.
  6. Keep your ask box open because the winner will be messaged there with 42 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.
  7. And good luck :)

Giveaway will end January 1st, 2013 at 12:00 AM CST.

If you win you get:

  • Glee The Complete First Season DVD
  • Glee The Complete Second Season DVD
  • Glee The Complete Third Season DVD
  • Glee The Concert DVD
  • Glee The Music 1
  • Glee The Music 2
  • Glee The Music 3 (Deluxe)
  • Glee The Music 4
  • Glee The Music 5
  • Glee The Music 6
  • Glee The Music 7
  • Glee The Music: Graduation Album
  • Glee The Music: Journey to Regionals
  • Glee The Music: The Power of Madonna
  • Glee The Music Presents the Warblers
  • Glee The Music: Love Songs
  • The Rocky Horror Glee Show
  • Glee The Music: The Christmas Album Volume 1
  • Glee The Music: The Christmas Album Volume 2
  • Glee 3D The Concert Movie Soundtrack
  • Glee Live Tour 2011 Program
  • US Glee The Complete Guide (With 6 posters)
  • McKinley High School Thunder Clap
  • Glee The Beginning: An Original Novel (With poster)
  • Glee Summer Break: An Original Novel (With postcards)
  • Glee Foreign Exchange: An Original Novel (With tattoos)
  • 4 Glee Notebooks
  • 4 Glee Folders
  • 2 Glee Mini Notebooks
  • Glee Live 2011 Warblers Tie
  • Warblers Pin
  • Dalton Pin
  • Darren Criss How To Succeed Program
  • Darren Criss How To Succeed Playbill
  • Darren Criss Official Sunglasses
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